"I'm Not Tired Because I'm Still Mad"

From Smiley & West, "Brown University economics professor Glenn Loury makes the links between mass incarceration, ...the struggle for equality," and a "politics of vengeance."

The Whole Foods/HiLo debate in JP (Boston) makes the WSJ (albeit in a pretty one-sided, biased article): A Whole Foods Fight in Boston: "Grad students and hipsters protest the organic market, but many Latino residents are happy about the new shopping option and the jobs."

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National Geographic on ultra running. So badass. Also, a little crazy. (Oh, and you can see she has a number from the Lithia Loop Marathon here in Ashland! I'm signed up for that this fall...)

I have upcoming trips for work conferences to Seattle (in May) and San Diego (in June) - suggestions of things to see and do welcome! (I won't have a ton of free time or money, but still, I'd love to hear tips).

"New figures show the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the developed world, while ranking ninth worst in social spending. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United States imprisons 760 of every 100,000 citizens, more than five times the OECD average."


Renai said...

If you want to do a beautiful run while in Seattle- check out Discovery Park. It's huge and full of trails that lead you through the woods and onto the beach. I just started trail running and it's my favorite!

If you have time- eat any meal at all at Nettletown on Eastlake. The food is unbeatable. All local and seasonal with lots of wild foods.

Theo Chocolate in Fremont is worth stopping in just to check out the store, even if you can't do their factory tour. They're the only organic, fair-trade, bean to bar chocolate factory in the US.

If you're in Seattle over a weekend (or even not) there are farmers markets just about every day. Saturday the U District FM is the place to go, and Sunday is Ballard. Unbeatable!

Shorty said...

Oh, those are so helpful, thanks Renai! Getting excited for my visit already...