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I don't remember how I found Lady Journos! but it has proven to be a great source of really diverse and quality articles.

This hubbub over a photo of a woman painting her son's toenails pink is beyond ridiculous.

Image: source.

Training: Did a brief 20 minutes of laps in the pool last night. This morning I did what I'm hoping is a new Thursday routine - 1 hr spin class, then biking into work (which takes another hour). It takes some coordinating to make it work, but it saves gas money, is good for the environment, gets my day off to an invigorating (if chilly) start, and is really the only way for me to get in three hours of biking on a week day. We will see how I feel about biking home at the end of a long day....

She is so badass: "Chrissie Wellington is such a record breaking accomplished Ironman athlete that sometimes important and crazy records go down without much of a fuss. That was certainly the case a few days ago in South Africa at the recent Ironman when Chrissie demolished the run course record to win the race...What is really noteworthy is that Chrissie ran the fastest marathon of the day. Period! Let's be clear...not the fastest woman's race marathon but the fastest marathon of the race in a time of 2:52:54." And she smiles while doing it!


Catherine said...

The toenail-polish story alerted me to how much of a cynic I've become:

While I love the notion of (potentially) transgendered acceptance on its face (the "who cares?!?" and more-positive reactions to the story), I quickly noticed that the boy pictured was still wearing blue.

Coincidence? Maybe. I wear a lot of blue, too. I hope hope hope it wasn't because some photo editor/art director/other noticed, and said, "Oh, he must wear blue. We can't go too far with this."

I hope that comment makes sense. Thanks for including that link. You rock.

Anonymous said...

You are inspiring this geezer to think about getting back into running.