Women and anxiety: "Women are twice as prone to anxiety as men...it’s not just that women are actually more anxious because of cultural factors; they’re also perceived as more anxious even when they display the same emotions as men."

Beautiful (and very informational) cooking blog I've been drooling over: My New Roots.

Totally a minefield we've all struggled to navigate, I think: How To Make A Friend Without Benefits.

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Training: great bike rides to and from work yesterday, beautiful and full of nature and just wonderful bookends to the day. Today I went to bootcamp - I almost skipped and slept in, but I'm glad I didnt. 9 days till Marathon Sunday!

My local, beloved, co-op gets a shout out in Gadling!: "Ashland Food Co-op, Oregon: Located just over the California border in the Rogue River Valley, Ashland is famous for its Shakespeare Festival. It also deserves props for the co-op, with its selection of carefully curated local produce, deli, espresso bar, and delicious baked goods. Hippie haters may cringe at the earnestness of the patrons, but grab a seat on the patio, and enjoy the show. The Railroad District neighborhood boasts galleries, artist studios, shops, and restaurants."

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Valerie said...

Hi, Shorty,
Tried several times to comment, but it gets hung up somehow. Hope this works. I really enjoy your blog and often copy the quotes or poems and send them on (giving Yum and Yuk credit, of course).

I wish you luck on the marathon. I ran my first for my 30th birthday--the Seattle marathon, typically around Thanksgiving.

It hit me after it was over that the real marathon was all the miles and miles and miles of training, slogging it through the rain and cold, running when I didn't want to, running even when I hated it and my body hated it, and ran again the next day. Compared to all the work you are doing, all the long miles every day, every week--the last 26 are actually pretty easy. Good luck! It is a remarkable achievement, and you are achieving it every day.