"At least three of the Freedom Riders arrested in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1961 had managed to survive or escape the Holocaust as children."

Love it: Repurposing Abandoned Schools Project Winner: A Farm to Table Urban Food Center

Definitely interested in seeing the documentary about Chaz Bono.

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Training: Saturdays race was brutal! The "Tough As Nails" 10 miler was my first trail race and it definitely lived up to its name - I ran my whole marathon without walking once, but I had to walk (er, hike) between 2-3 miles of TAN! Up and down, up and down. It was different than a road race in a lot of ways, one of which was that I didn't/couldn't really get into a rhythm the same way, because the terrain changed so much. Which was also the awesome part - beautiful scenery and no shortage of challenges and changes on the course, that's for sure. I took a tumble at one point and by the end was in some real pain...but sure enough, by yesterday I was itching to get back on the trail.

Sunday I walked for about 90 min, and then did 3 miles of sprint intervals, and about 15 min of weights. Today I'm working on about 4 hours of sleep (I picked up a friend from the airport at 1am), so...didn't make it to the gym, and probably won't. Just looking to make it through the day.

For Mother's Day I took my mom to Measure for Measure at the local (but nationally acclaimed!) Shakespeare Festival. I'm not a big play-goer but it was actually very well done! They set the play in what looked to be the 60's or 70's and even added in some musical numbers - and, somehow, it worked! I will say that there was one scene that made me uncomfortable and somewhat upset, where a man dressed in women's clothes is at a police station and they rip off the actors wig and dress - which was met by laughter from the audience. I can't go into a detailed discussion of Shakespeare's use of cross-dressing etc, but I don't really think that's the point in this instance - this was a choice by the director to create "humor" by violently exposing and embaressing a gender queer character and I thought it was unneccsary.

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