A great article from the New Yorker about death penalty mitigation: The Mitigator: A new way of looking at the death penalty.

A surprisingly in-depth and well-done article from Tulsa World (Oklahoma) on a brave trans teen and her family: "Katie Hill wasn't born a girl...but she always knew she was meant to be one." Becoming Katie: Part 1, Part 2.

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I never thought it would happen but I definitely spent 8 minutes just watching video of people run this morning: footage from the Miwok 100km Trail Run. And on that "I'm becoming a running geek" note, awesome behind the scenes photos from North Face's ultra running shots in Patagonia, featuring Hal Koerner, who owns the awesomest running store here in the Rogue Valley. I used to pass the store and think, "A whole store just for running??" and now it's one of my favorite places. They have so much awesome gear, the store is gorgeous, and everyone who works there is so freaking nice. Seriously, every time I run a race I go in and force them to listen to me ramble about it - and even though they couldn't be less impressed ("Really? You're excited about 10 miles? I ran 100," I'm sure they're thinking), they are so supportive. My main problem is staying away from there, since I drop a ton of money every time I even catch sight of the place...

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