Really interesting, and definitely something I'll keep in mind when making my annual donations...Ten Reasons Why I Would Never Donate to a Major Charity

Yes, yes, more of this, please! USDA Encourages Schools To Partner With Local Farms

Judge Gertner: On being judged: Why the label “activist judge’’ doesn’t apply to me: "In truth, most of my job is not about constitutional interpretation and grand principles – the usual fare of the activist debate – it is about people, big and small, powerful and not. It is about the thousands of small decisions I make that open the court’s doors or slam them shut."

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Excellent! Common sense prevails over homophobia and lies: Barbara A. Lenk, a veteran Appeals Court judge, today won confirmation to a seat on the Supreme Judicial Court, becoming the first openly gay judge to serve on the state’s highest judicial body.

"Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. I use the word not merely in the personal sense but as a state of being or a state of grace - not in the infantile American sense of being made happy but in the tough and universal sense of quest and daring and growth." - James Baldwin

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