Great story: Ex-inmate offers financial advice for recently released felons
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From an eloquent friend, about a serious need. Please consider donating: "though it's getting frustratingly awfully heartbreakingly little coverage in the US media, there is a raging food crisis in east africa. it's a hurt so enormous that though almost no amount is enough, no amount is too little. every dollar donated is directly helping to alleviate the imminent threat of death by starvation, dehydration, on and on. please consider throwing five or ten bucks their way." $10 = a day's supply of clean water for 40 people.

An interesting article from the NYTimes about whether running on trails (as opposed to road) is really easier on your body. In my experience, it is a little easier in terms of impact, but then causes it's own challenges because my feet aren't landing flat and so I'm more inclined to twist my knees or ankles at weird angles....

My friend, and one of my all-time favorite people, nk and I have started a joint document (thanks GoogleDocs!) where we list at least 3 things each day that we have done that we are proud of. It's a seemingly small thing, but I think it has helped us both try to keep an eye on the positive, and acknowledge the things we are doing to live the life we want. I'd really recommend you try it! (You could definitely just keep a list on your own, but it's really nice to have a friend to share with.)


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

I love that Google Doc idea---how fun and what a great way to stay both grateful and on track, but also in touch. I love it.

Shorty said...

Totally! It's an easy way to say "hey" to each other every day, even if we don't have time to write an email...We both lapsed for a few days (over the weekend) but we are back on it, and taking that as another lessons to learn - just because the project hasn't been perfect, doesnt mean we cant keep going with it. (My habit is: perfection or nothing - not a good habit!)