Reading: "The Transfeminist Manifesto."

A good summer tune: Real Estate, “It’s Real”

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Taysa wraps up her series of posts about getting debt free. I especially appreciated her reminder that it helps to always keep your goals in mind - not your money goals, but your life goals that money (or lack thereof) may be holding you back from.

From Jezebel, Can Feminists Go On Diets? As always with Jezebel, the comments are where its at (for better or worse).

A great letter from one of the prisoners on hunger strike at Pelican Bay. Prisoners' rights are human rights! SHU is torture!

"History should be honest." - California Gov. Jerry Brown on the bill he signed requiring inclusion of LGBT contributions to history in school textbooks.


NK said...

Gross how Jerry Brown can say that in one breath, but refuse to negotiate with the prisoners with the other breath!

Shorty said...