Recently finished: The Dogs of Riga (Wallander #2) by Henning Mankell. Currently reading: Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall, and Mortal Causes (Inspector Rebus, #6) by Ian Rankin

All signed up for the Farm To Farm Century Ride in September! So excited, it looks like a great event.

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Listening to: juicy-r [the notorious b.i.g.'s juicy vs. the xx's vcr] - wait what (mashup)

Next up for my garden: growing garlic? My roommate grows garlic in his garden and it's so great to have it last throughout the year. I'd love to give it a go...

Simplicity quest update: refunds from the canceled magazine and newspaper subscriptions are starting to trickle in. I sold 26 pieces of clothing this week. I sorted through and set aside over 100 books to sell the next time I'm in Portland (yay, Powells!). AND....I've started the project of listing everything I own. I put up a bunch of paper on my walls, divided by type ("pants," "books," "toiletries") and am writing things in. I'm doing it for a number of reasons - (1) to become fully aware of how much stuff I own, and (2) to track the process of getting rid of things (I'll cross them off the list as I sell or give them away). A note on the ridiculousness of my consumerism: I considered, for a moment, how I "needed" to go buy big sheets of paper for the project. And then realized the irony. And so am using the backsides of paper I had lying around. Amazing.


Ashley said...

The company my mom works for has an employee garden and they've gotten a lot of garlic in this year. I love having those braided clumps of garlic [ http://www.cheapvegetablegardener.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/image.png ]hanging around our kitchen. The roasted garlic infused olive oil is pretty good too (especially when brushed on a piece of good toast and topped with a fried egg). I'd totally recommend growing some.

Melissa-Leigh said...

Thank you sooooo much for introducing me to that mixtape, it is AMAZING. Ahh!

Steff said...

haaaaahahah buying paper for that project is totally something I would do. I really like your idea about writing everything down though and crossing it off! I love crossing stuff off, it gives me so much satisfaction!