Added to the "to read" list: "this article by Berkeley historian Rebecca McLennan, which traces the nineteenth-century legal and political changes that have enabled twentieth-century Americans to write prisoners out of the categories of 'human' and 'citizen.'"

More brilliance from Fashion It So.

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Yay bikes and kids, yay BNB, yay Neil! Bike program gives youth a path for life: "...pilot program, On My Way, On My Bike, which started earlier this month. It is a collaboration among the nonprofit Bikes Not Bombs, the city of Boston, and Brandy Cruthird, who runs a nonprofit fitness program in Roxbury for city youths...The new summer program emphasizes fitness, self-esteem, and self-confidence, and the children are encouraged to participate in year-round activities of Bikes Not Bombs, which is dedicated to peace and social change."

On the growth of farmers' markets - are there too many? Are they helping farmers?

Gorgeous: Cozy Swiss Alps Chalet in a Retrofitted Barn

Interesting: from Tiger Beatdown: Moving away from Social Justice towards Social Wellbeing

Paul Farmer, “This I Believe.”

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