From Bitch, Murder, She Blogged: Let's Celebrate the Spinster Detective. Yes, let's!

And, on the detective kick, I've been watching the new PBS series Zen with my parents, and enjoying it. It took me a minute to adjust to, since it's set in Italy but the (Italian) characters speak British English (except for the few that speak English with an Italian accent...), but, overall, recommended. Interview here with the star of Zen.

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Whale love! A short animated film: Big Brains: Humans Vs. Whales

Wow. Gorgeous rooftop garden in the UK.

Listening to: Bon Iver "Creature Fear," Dale Earnheart Jr. Jr. "Nothing But Our Love," The Thermals "I Let It Go," Damien Jurado "Gillian." Also: Florence and the Machine: "Dog Days Are Over" (Yeasayer Remix). And: the awesome Heartless Bastards cover Dylan’s “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.”

“I don’t believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is vertical, so it’s humiliating. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other and learns from the other. I have a lot to learn from other people.” - Eduardo Galeano

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