From the Boston Globe, the story of one marriage, and a transition: Goodbye husband, hello wife: "He had come to the realization he was a woman with clarity and joy. I reacted with confusion and despair."

Love it: IBM and Portland team up on data to build a 'smarter' city

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"Drawing America by Bike is multimedia project which aims to create portrait of America as seen through the eyes of nomadic artist Eric Clausen. On September 5, 2010, Clausen embarked on a bicycle journey around America. The trip will take about 14 months. This page follows Clausen's adventures across the country through drawings, photos, writings and live updates from the road."

More awesome work by the NAACP (including a very talented and dedicated friend of mine!): NAACP Legal Defense Fund Files Voting Rights Act Challenge to Fayette County, Georgia’s At-Large Election Method

The lovely Amy at Just A Titch seriously flattered me by asking a few questions for her "Inspired By" series - and they are up today! Thanks, Amy, for the really thoughtful and fun questions!

"The country is in deep trouble. We've forgotten that a rich life consists fundamentally of serving others, trying to leave the world a little better than you found it. We need the courage to question the powers that be, the courage to be impatient with evil and patient with people, the courage to fight for social justice. In many instances we will be stepping out on nothing, and just hoping to land on something. But that's the struggle. To live is to wrestle with despair, yet never allow despair to have the last word."- Cornel West


Steff said...

After reading that Q & A post about you, I wish you wrote more! I love going through all the links, but it was fascinating to read your thoughts on things. You're a great writer!

NK said...

Wow - thanks for the shout out!