An interview with the filmmakers behind the excellent documentary Better This World.

From GQ: An Intimate History of Gay Men in the Military: "On a day to come very soon—September 20, 2011—a serviceman's sexuality will no longer be grounds for dismissal from the U.S. Armed forces. These are the voices explaining what it has been like to be a gay man1 in the American military over the previous seventy or so years, from World War II veterans in their late eighties to young servicemen on active duty."

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In honor of my upcoming weekend in Portland: A Dirt Cheap Guide To Portland, OR and The Stumptown Vegans Guide to One Day in Portland

A photo gallery of the "Stone of Hope" granite statue (created by Chinese sculptor Lei Yixin) in the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C. And an op-ed from Cornell West, "Martin Luther King Jr. Would Want a Revolution, Not a Memorial."

Cyndi Lauper Opens Shelter for Homeless LGBT Youth

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Mandy said...

Thank you for posting the GQ article! Such a fascinating (and sad) read.