From Colorlines: "Welcome to the 46th annual Angola Prison Rodeo, the Wildest Show in the South!"

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Today marks the end of my first two weeks of kicked up biking - 4 days a week of bike commuting to work! Give me stats, you say? Ok, over the last two weeks, that means about 240 miles biked, approx. $20 saved on gas, and 16 hours of (fresh air, sunshine, podcast-listening) excercize. Being me, I still never feel hard core enough (reading "Born To Run" doesn't help - why aren't I an ultramarathoner??), but the bump up to more regular bike commuting has helped me feel mentally and physically healthier, for sure. (ps - hi, Brett!)

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Just today: 7th Circuit Court holds ban on transgender inmate care unconstitutional.

Check it, and maybe get involved: "The Outliers is a project that seeks to photograph people who self identify as genderqueer."

An incomprehensible tragedy: 29,000 Somali kids have died in last 90 days. Donate if you can: $10, $20, anything helps.

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