Paddle To Seattle: "Follow two friends as they build their own kayaks and paddle together for 97 days through the wilderness on a journey from Alaska to Seattle—only to survive to talk about...most things."

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Interesting and beautiful video about photographing rock climbing in Yosemite.

"That buzzing sound you hear at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport could be a jet taking off. Or maybe it's coming from the 1.5 million bees that call the airport home. In May, the Chicago Department of Aviation partnered with a community group to start a 2,400 square foot apiary on-site. Now 23 beehives are up and running and are scheduled to yield 575 pounds of honey this year."

Beautiful and very creative vertical gardens!

Anastasia at Sweetbutterbliss posted a rave review of Yum & Yuk months ago and somehow I just saw it! Thanks for the kind words, Anastasia, and sorry again for the delay!

Bill Clinton's Vegan Journey: Former president Bill Clinton says he consumes no meat, dairy, eggs and almost no oil in an effort to stave off heart disease.


TC said...

Ooo...I think I'm going to have to rent/buy the Paddle to Seattle doc on iTunes tonight. Zac has a friend who paddled the opposite direction of the inside passage all by herself. It's one of the most bad-ass things I think I've ever heard about.


Anastasia said...

Awesome! Glad you liked it. And again, no worries about the delay.