Powerful and humbling: People Are Awesome: Man Becomes Pen Pals With Daughter of Man He Killed in War

Listening to: new Feist, “How Can You Never Go There.”

Also: Rage Against the Machine, "Bulls on Parade (Free Tibet Concert, 1996)." A classic.

Image: source.

Pretty nervous for the (6000 ft elevation gain and loss) Alpine Century tomorrow - wish me luck!

Even if you can't donate money to East Africa, will you consider donating your name and a minute of your time?

Interesting essay over at Autostraddle: Trans Men and Queer Women: Who’s a Boy to Date? (and lots of good discussion in the comments)

Fixing The Economy: Could Localism Provide A Boost? A short film about Bellingham, Washington.

Swimsuit: "A powerful and evocative experimental documentary about a young person's conflict between the desire to transition, and passion for swimming on a women's college team."

My Morning Jacket and Neko Case perform the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton duet ‘Islands in the Stream.’

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