Powerful story of one woman's incredible work to help victims of sex trafficking and abuse in Vietnam.

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I was sort of worried they would stay green forever, but my tomatoes are finally turning! It's only a few of them, and they are still far from red, but I'm excited nonetheless. Now, what am I going to do with dozens of tomatoes?? I considered trying to can a bunch of sauce, but then realized two things: (1) I don't really know how to make tomato sauce, and (2) I'm scared of botulism. So, I'm going to try making sun dried tomatoes instead (why not, since I love them on everything....) Now I just have to decide whether I'm going to get ambitious and make them outside (very romantic, but probably a pain in the butt and a bad idea when there are 3 dogs running around our backyard), make them in the oven, or make them in my parents dehydrator....

Website I'm liking: Heavy Petal "Gardening from a west coast, urban perspective" (including their adorable, free seed planning chart!)

A recent decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals outrageously denies rights to immigrants under arrest. The decision "held that noncitizens need not be informed of their right to counsel or warned that their statements can be used against them until after they have been placed in formal deportation proceedings." source.

Rebecca Weiker On the Need to Pass Crucial Juvenile Justice Reform in California


sebasquiat said...

I used to be terrified - TERRIFIED - of botulism, to the point that after I made pickles *that I had no intention of even eating because the idea of eating them freaked me out so much*, I woke up in the middle of the night, absolutely convinced that I had gotten sick from them. That kind of terrified. The ridiculous kind. But I mentioned it to a professor of mine, who gave me the best reassurance with this: she said, "In all of my experience with canning, and knowing of all my friends' experiences, of which there are many decades' worth, I have never heard of a single instance of botulism. Jars will explode - they explode all the time - but you will almost certainly never get sick from botulism." Which I hope you find as useful as I do. When you hear statistics, it's easy to hear big numbers. An *entire* family falls ill and it seems inevitable. But that's four people. Out of tens or hundreds of thousands. It's unfortunate, for sure, but it's also a rare occurrence. Anyway, dry away, but don't let the threat of botulism deter other endeavors. :)

Catherine said...

I've heard of sun-drying tomatoes in the back dashboard of a car, and this slideshow has 25 recipes (I'll be making the tarte tatin, myself). :)

A friend of mine just blogged about her first time canning peach jam here.

Good luck!