Totally curious to read this (I love me a zine!): Taking the Lane #1: Sharing the road with boys by Elly Blue: "Elly shares her thoughts and stories about being a woman on a bike in Portland, Oregon. Having been a cyclist for several years, Elly is well-versed in the law and her rights as a cyclist. This doesn't, however, stop men from trying to prove her wrong. Thankfully, Elly doesn't back down. Instead, she is one of many women leading the way towards more bike-friendly (and hopefully less misogynistic) cities."

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Maybe I'm jaded (well, I'm pretty sure I am), but I can't get excited about this. To me, it sounds like they are just doing what they promised to do a long time ago - deprioritize the deportation of ppl without criminal records. They are still deporting both people with criminal records and without, AND they are still not providing the large majority of undocumented immigrants (including DREAMers) with a path to residency or citizenship: BREAKING: Undocumented Immigrants Without Criminal Records Facing Deportation Can Stay In U.S.

Now, here are some heroes: Undocumented Student Fanny Martinez Arrested Protesting Controversial Secure Communities Program

Awesome news from a local farm: Rooted in community: Billings Farm owners open their acres to less fortunate folks who are willing grow their own crops: "The local homeless population and low-income individuals can sign up for a new community garden at Billings Farm near Ashland. Participants either can work alongside others in a large garden area, where produce will be divvied up according to work hours, or establish their own section to maintain and harvest alone."

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