From Border Patrol Agent To Immigration Reform Activist: My Journey For Justice

The Poetry 180 project starts up again! I love getting a new poem in my inbox every day.

Image: from the amazing Alexandra Gjurasic.

Sacrificing Their Lives to Work: "When it was established in the late nineteenth century, Labor Day was intended to honor the American working man. Yet a great deal of our menial labor today is performed not by American citizens but by undocumented migrant workers—many of whom risk their lives in thousand-mile journeys simply to get to the United States. A year ago this August, 72 of those migrants—58 men and 14 women—were on their way to the US border when they were murdered by a drug gang at a ranch in northern Mexico, in circumstances that remain unexplained. Since then, a group of Mexican journalists and writers have created a website, 72migrantes.com, to commemorate each of the victims, some of whom have never been identified. What follows is a selection of English translations of their work."

So. This month of Bikram thing. It's off to a rough start. Schedules were different because of the holiday weekend, and basically I just didn't get my act together enough to make it there yesterday. And then today I'm back at work, and facing the reality that if I want to make daily Bikram happen, it might mean not biking to work every day (the thrilling math: leaving work at 5 means getting home at 6:15 which means making it to a 6:30 class is impossible...). Some days I might be able to leave work 15 min early, but since the cases seem to keep piling up, that is looking unrealistic. Which...stinks. So, do I put off the month of Bikram until its too cold/dark out for me to bike to work anyways, and enjoy the commute while I can? Perhaps.... #juggling #priorities


Brett said...

Yes! Bikram is for winter and bike commuting is for summer. Now is the time to be outside.

Shorty said...

Brett! Your first comment on the blog = I must heed your advice! OK, bike commuting till it gets too dark, then I will load up on the Bikram...