From Jezebel: A powerful story, great parents: Meet Jackie, A Transgender 10-Year-Old With Full Parental Support

NPR: Mark Bittman on Fresh Air (part of Fresh Air's "All You Can Eat Week")

Left: made my first pie yesterday! Along with fresh, fragrant, blackberries from my roommates garden, I used this recipe for the crust and this one for the pie, and these instructions for the lattice top. Gotta say, it tastes darn good.

Also: dried apples in our homemade (not by my household, sadly) dehydrator (a good intro to dehydrating here), and made my first batch of tomato sauce to eat now and to freeze for later deliciousness (we loosely based it on that recipe, but added peppers and roasted eggplant from the garden, plus sauteed onions).

Uh, confession. After all my planning and bragging, I totally forgot that I was supposed to start my "month of Bikram" yesterday - what can I say, September snuck up on me. But, I'm not using that as an out! After a week of truly lazy vacation, I took a 30 mile bike ride today, and I'm all set to hit up Bikram this afternoon. I'm pretty nervous to return to that hot, sweaty room, and face myself (in the mirror and on the mat), but excited about what 30 days of Bikram will look like...

My love for cranky detectives with deep dark secrets and tumultuous internal lives is well documented, but my most recent discovery (courtesy of the fine folks at Murder By The Book) has been a surprising and welcome change: The Coroner's Lunch is the first in a series about a 72-year-old doctor (now reluctant coroner) named Dr. Siri Paiboun, who lives in Laos. Wonderful writing and storytelling, a refreshingly unique protagonist, and the chance to learn more about a country I know very little about.


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

I have a young student this year (13) who is transgendered and has full familial support. We're four weeks into the school year and I already adore this student and how maturely he handles the insensitivity on the part of his peers, and how supportive his family is. It's so inspiring.

Also, yay, returning to Bikram! I just made the choice to go back, too (it's hard for me; a dear friend owns the hatha studio I normally attend, but Bikram owns my heart) and I've got a free month to use starting October 1. Can't wait!

Shorty said...

Amy, very cool! Glad to hear the student gets you as a teacher, and a supportive school, in addition to a great fam - so heartening to hear.

Re: Bikram - I messed up today and missed class (was counting on an evening one that they arent having today), but I'm trying not to let it get me down. It's not about perfection, right? Back on the Bikram tomorrow....