I'm not a big theatre fan, but since moving home I've been making an effort to go see plays at OSF. This weekend I went with an out of town friend (hi Lauren!) to see Pirates of Penzance and it was so so fun. The play itself is sort of ridiculous but the staging was just so fun and energetic and enjoyable, it was a great experience. Almost all of the remaining shows are sold out but we went and waited in a short line for the box office to open the day of the play, and nabbed two good $20 tickets - if you're in the area, you should do the same.

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Added to the "to read" list: "High school is tough for almost every kid, but for new immigrants and refugees, it can be even harder. In The New Kids, journalist Brooke Hauser chronicles the lives of students enrolled in Brooklyn's International High School."

So interesting - definitely watch the video: My Family’s Experiment in Extreme Schooling. These kids are pretty impressive; definitely an argument for encouraging your kids to have challenging experiences, and to live abroad.

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