Printable little handmade labels, for all your canning adventures. And check out Sweet Preservation, a site encouraging the art of canning. (I roasted some yellow tomatoes for salsa recently, I'll be curious to see if they taste any different than the traditional red tomatoes.)

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I went for a run today for the first time in months - and had no ankle or knee pain! I kept it to 30 min but I was very pleased to see that my biking, yoga, swimming etc had at least kept me in decent enough shape to make it through the 30 min with very little walking - yahoo for not having to start from nothing all over again!

From Colorlines: How the Right Made Racism Sound Fair—and Changed Immigration Politics

"This Friday, New Yorkers will take part in Park(ing) Day, repurposing dozens of parking spaces around the city to show what you can do with valuable curbside real estate besides storing cars. Last year, participants set up everything from “alternate side mulching” to an entire dorm room, complete with walls and a television set, to help New Yorkers re-imagine the potential uses of their streets." source.

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