Do ittttt: A Field Guide to Closing Your Bank Account: "The description and goal of Bank Transfer Day is straightforward: If you currently have checking and savings accounts (deposit accounts) with a big bank, the organizers encourage you to remove all of your funds, close your accounts, and place your money in a new deposit account with a not-for-profit credit union. The organizers ask that you do this by November 5."

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NYTimes: A Judge’s Education, a Sentence at a Time

Women urge others to go public about abortions: "Harriett Hills Stinson, 85, a prominent member of the wealthy San Francisco family that founded Hills Bros. Coffee, says it took a push by GOP conservatives to cut funding for family planning and abortion services to move her to reveal a long-held personal secret: She once had an illegal abortion."

Currently reading: Orient Express by Graham Greene and Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell - both excellent so far.

Interview: For Salvadoran activist, it is necessary to change the development paradigm (translated by one of my beloved friends, Maggie Von Vogt)

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