Feminist Ryan Gosling (thanks MDR!)

The price of oppressing your women: "A recent Newsweek article listed the best and worst places to be a woman, and explained the disadvantages of oppression."

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Camila Vallejo, Latin America's 23-year-old new revolutionary folk hero: "Chile has been engulfed by student protests – and their young leader has huge public support in her fight against the elite."

Check out the Move Your Money Project. I admit to being someone who has an account with a national bank (B of A, I curse your endless fees!), simply out of convenience. I've had it through moves to 4 different states, and multiple jobs. The convenience of having ATMs in various places, and the fact that my accounts are already linked to monthly bills/payments has made me hesitant to change to a local credit union...but this laziness is seeming like a pretty weak excuse, and I think it's time to explore other options.

Q&A: Jim Lommasson: The Portland photographer tells the story of Oregon’s Iraqi refugees.

“In this world of ours, a world of powerful centers and subjugated outposts, there is no wealth that must not be held in some suspicion.” - Eduardo Hughes Galeano

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