In Search of ‘Reproductive Justice’: Outraged and energized by aggressive anti-abortion legislation in 2011, feminist activists look to re-frame the debate.

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Fall = Ryan Adams breaking my heart. Ryan Adams - Dirty Rain (In Studio Acoustic Version). Ryan Adams "La Cienega Just Smiled" Live Acoustic Echo Version. And, you know, Elton John & Ryan Adams- Rocket Man.

One single lesbian's quest for motherhood.

More on the drug cartel violence in Mexico: Drug Violence Swamps A Once Peaceful Mexican City: "The drug violence in Mexico has claimed another victim, the port city of Veracruz. The recent bloodshed is crippling tourism and sowing fear in what, until last year, had been a relatively peaceful part of Mexico. But in a twist, a group calling itself the Zeta Killers is vowing to fight the drug cartel."

ACLU: Battling Prison Rape: Immigration Detainees Deserve Protection, Too

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NK said...

Some anons were going to take on Zeta yesterday and today - they already defaced the website of Gustavo Rosario from Tobasco (and outed him as a Zeta, I guess)! The story is still unfolding, though, bc I think a lot of them decided it was too risky.