"More than a Symbolic Gesture: Occupy Wall Street and the Rise of the American Autumn" by the wonderful Matt Dineen

Islam Through a Young Muslim's Lens

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers: When I Needed Help, I Got Propaganda

Queer, Undocumented and Unafraid.

Check out 52x52: "We’re not a charity, we’re a group of people committed to helping others. Every week, 52x52.org will help promote a cause by calling on you, those willing and happy to help others. We’re a messenger, not a middle-man, asking you to donate $52 directly to the featured charity. If $52 is too much, donate $25. If $25 is too much, donate $10. Give whatever you can, each and every week for one year, and together we will make a giant difference."

Other than loving his work on "Damages," I never really gave Ted Danson another thought - but I enjoyed this interview with him on NPR.

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