To be honest, I was having a hard time getting a handle on the Occupy Wall Street protests. I wasn't clear of the purpose - was it an action against capitalism? Against wealth and income disparity? What did the protestors want to see happen? I reached out to a few friends who have taken part and they all seemed to say that the purpose wasn't a clear platform of legislative change, but rather an act of public anger and suffering and defiance, a demand to be heard. I also found this article (Occupy Wallstreet: Generate Power) helpful and this website powerful (We Are The 99%).

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Mmmm hmmm:The Bold Single Bride Who Married Herself: "Perhaps finding ways to strengthen our sense of self, before, during and after a romantic relationship, is the best path to true contentment, and doesn’t put the pressure of “making” us happy on a romantic partner."

Nicaragua: Surviving the Legacy of U.S. Policy Project: "In the 1980s, popular movements in Central America attempted to democratize their societies and to direct a larger portion of each country's resources, in the form of food, housing, health care, and education, toward the well-being of the poor majority; at the same time the U.S. government, under the banner of peace, freedom, and democracy, sponsored wars that blocked local efforts for change. Two decades later, the poor of Central America continue to experience the effects of these wars and to struggle for basic subsistence with little hope that their children will have schools, health care, or even adequate nutrition. Many U.S. citizens still do not recognize the role the U.S. government played in stopping these movements towards democracy. From early 1985 through mid 1990, Paul Dix used his camera to document the effects of the U.S.-funded Contra War on the poor of Nicaragua. In 2002, from the thousands he had photographed, Paul selected approximately 100 Nicaraguans for follow-up."

‎"we know that the way we behave toward one another & toward other people is the fullest expression of what we believe." source.

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Anastasia said...

Thank you! I was also so confused about what their agenda is.