Very cool! "The USDA People's Garden Initiative brings you this series of training sessions on a wide variety of horticultural and garden related topics. There is no charge for registration and all sessions are open to the public."

Um, feeling a little star struck - somehow the awesome comic artists I mentioned yesterday saw my shout out - and, as if that wasn't enough, they also suggested some other ladies to check out! Very cool suggestions included Sara Drake, Leslie Perrine, Lane Nelson, Olivia Horvath, and Cathy Johnson. Thanks for the tips, y'all

Incredible. Pitch perfect: Ira Glass Sex Tape: "To conjure the supporting characters, Joslin trolled NPR footage, splicing Gross from nine 'Fresh Air' episodes including interviews with Jay-Z, Gene Simmons, Woody Allen, a dominatrix of unknown provenance and Keith Richards. And Glass is the only invented character, voiced by Joslin in a dead-on impersonation that's a sure sign of a "This American Life" fanboy. So here it is. The only sex tape that might actually shock the nation, because it's fancy enough to have 'two acts.'"

Image: source.

Some more canning love, as the season draws to a close. (This week I'm eating some of the last of my gardens fresh bounty. I threw together a makeshift casserole - one layer polenta, one layer shredded yam, and then a mix of black beans, lots of poblanos from the garden mixed with more garden-fresh sweet bell peppers and a few spicy habaneros. And topped with pepper jack, of course. It turned out pretty well!)

LGBT Couples Facing Increased Immigration Tensions

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