Completely unacceptable: Military sexual assault and rape 'epidemic': "Studies suggest as many as one in three female soldiers are raped during their US military service."

Awesome: What's the Best Way to Turn a Parking Lot into a Garden?

Beautiful: "A collection of starlings is called a murmuration"

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Finishing the end of Friday Night Lights today, with my friend Brett. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

This morning I did my third CrossFit class and I'm loving it - each workout is so different and I love how the focus is always on strength and each person pushing themselves to their individual limits.

"Julian Bond, the former chairman of the NAACP, and the first president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, supports same-​sex marriage equality, as he discusses in this video produced by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) for their new Americans for Marriage Equality series."

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