From New Hampshire Public Radio: New Hampshire's Immigration Story: The History of Immigration Law: "Although we are a nation of immigrants, the first laws to enforce who could be an American citizen and who couldn't didn’t appear until the late 1880s. Since then, new legislation like the Immigration Acts of 1921 and 1965, as well as the Refugee Act of the 1980s have both strengthened and loosened these rules."

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If you're hating the new GoogleReader like me (yes, still!) one thing that makes it a little better is hiding the lefthand column, so that there's a bit less white space - just hit "u" (and "u" with the arrow key to bring it back). I still want my old GoogleReader back!

I'm still loving CrossFit so much - each workout is different, it's always a challenge, and I feel strong and accomplished after I go. Today I ran a local 9 mile race - I'm not gonna lie, I was second to last coming in, and that was embarrassing, but, hey, I did it.

A great post about Explaining Health At Every Size to your Personal Trainer, and generally working out as someone fat, and/or not interested in losing weight/taking measurements, etc (from Persephone Magazine)

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