Interesting! (h/t moosh): "Exhibition Road is Prince Albert’s legacy. By 2012 we are going to make it a place where culture and learning are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds with a streetscape that makes that ambition a reality. The crowded, narrow pavements and heavy traffic will go. In their place we will make an elegant kerb-free surface across the length and width of the road. Pedestrians will have more space and vehicles will be limited to 20mph. We’re changing Exhibition Road from an area dominated by cars to one that puts people first."

NYTimes: Young Farmers Face Huge Obstacles to Getting Started

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Ugh, horrible: Millions of Americans Face Life Without Dental Care

Listening to: Wild Flag On World Cafe

2011 National Book Award Winners Announced

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Anastasia said...

Even with dental healthcare I can't afford to get any work done.