Very cool, Ann Patchett (and yay Buffalo Street Books in Ithaca for the shout out!): Novelist Fights the Tide by Opening a Bookstore

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Not your usual love story: Vows: "Each accused of murder and released after their convictions were overturned, a couple find each other and marry."

Two very powerful videos. First, "in a demonstration of support for the Occupy movement, a small group of protesters was sitting, arms linked together. Campus police told them to move. The students didn't. And that's when an officer walked down the line of seated men and women, pepper-spraying them. Some took it straight in their faces. Many of the several hundred others who were there screamed in terror and frustration."

Next, as Chancellor Katehi emerges from her office "there was one of the most amazing scenes so far related to the Occupy movement. As Katehi and another woman walked three blocks to an SUV, they passed through a gauntlet of several hundred students — who remained silent in a powerful show of their disdain."

Very cool project. “Chicago-based cartoonist Sara Drake will work in Cambodia for . . . teaching young women to cultivate their own personal narratives by utilizing skills such as drawing techniques, creative writing, zine production/bookmaking, independent publishing, and basic screen-printing methods. 'Comics as a medium,' Sara explains, 'is a unique form of self-expression that easily lends itself to serve a pedagogical function. This project will support a women’s comics community, by and for women, in a place where their inclusion within the medium has been extraordinarily complex and limited.'” Check out the project's blog. (source.)

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