Being queer and undocumented: "Viviana, an undocumented and queer student talks about coming out as an immigrant and a member of the LGBTQ community and the importance for unity. The Coming Out speeches are a series from the Immigrant Youth Justice League."

Starlee Kine: Fear, Heartbreak, and Making It Happen Against All Odds (video)

Before and After: Portraits from Dathun: "This series of photos...comes from a larger project called 'Contemplatives,' a visual exploration of the physiological qualities of meditation practice. I set up the “Before and After” project to explore the observable effects on practitioners after long periods of intense meditation practice."

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An excellent article about one family's experience with foster care, and the real costs of caring for our nation's children. Taxing the Kindness of Strangers: "Foster parents like us willingly pay a heavy price. The GOP wants us to pay more." (Sort of a misleading title - it's less political, and more about the actual nuts and bolts of being a foster family).

“I’m fat positive because I’m a feminist, and I refuse to acknowledge in the magical thinking that if you’re small enough, quiet enough, compliant enough and saccharine enough, you will somehow be enough.” - You’re Welcome - Why I’m Fat Positive

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