Check out this trailer for the documentary Lead With Love: "All of us can relate to the pain and anxiety of coming out and how the reaction of our families affected us for years to come. Lead With Love follows the comings out of several kids and pays special attention to how each parents’ reactions affected the emotional well-being of their children. The black, white, and Latino families each tell their heart-rending stories, but also offer insight, education, and hope by reflecting on their experiences with the insight of supportive educators, spiritual leaders, and psychologists."

The second season of Sherlock returns to the BBC on January 1st - and will hopefully come to the US soon after?

Since starting CrossFit (6 weeks ago, almost!) I've become really interested in the benefits of weight lifting. I admit that I had never lifted weights before because (a) I was intimidated by all the dudes in the weight area, and didn't know what to do, (b) I didn't want to get "big" and, (c) my focus was always losing weight (sad but true), and I didn't think weights would help with that. However, doing CrossFit and reading more about weight lifting has convinced me that weight lifting is a crucial part of maintaining overall health, injury prevention, and increased endurance. One short article from the NYTimes supports these claims (there are lots of similar articles out there as well, some VERY detailed): Cross-Training by Lifting Weights: "[R]esistance training improved endurance in running and cycling. The effect occurred both in experienced athletes and in novices."

I appreciated this: Pastor Jay Bakker talks about his gay-affirming church, the 'next generation' of Christians, understanding the Bible, and Hell. He's calm, well-spoken, and speaks of a form of Christianity much like that I see lived among those I know and love - one of true acceptance, celebration, individual journey, and respect.

"there are nights, & there are other nights. we feel our highs, we feel our lows. we feel the sadness crushing our bones. we wallow in our self doubt, what we are & what we’re not. we seek to destroy our selves but what good what that do. open your arms, fill them with happiness. the kind of happiness you can touch. something tangible. fill yourself with the music of your body. feel yourself, each particle. even if you feel you are crawling in your skin. let it crawl. let it shift. embrace it. we write our words, our words are right. they’re the happiness, the sadness inside of ourselves. keep them balanced. you are beautiful & you are living & things will lift you up soon enough. lift you up towards the mountain tops." - you are remarkable

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Karla said...

i love jay bakker! he's speaks so well and his mom was such a loving lady.