Despite my waning love for Jordan, Jesse, Go! and my disappointment with their support of Adam Carolla, I'm still going to check out the newest Maximum Fun release, a pop-culture podcast called Bullseye.

Yikes. The Law School Bubble: How Long Will It Last if Law Grads Can’t Pay Bills?

Both too familiar, hilarious, and actually useful: Ask a Clean Person: Tackling a Major Clean-up

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Another inspiring life: Robert L. Carter, an Architect of School Desegregation, Dies at 94 (thanks, nk)

So beautiful. Can you imagine what this would mean to you as a kid? "With the aim of touching the hearts of 45 children in a homeless shelter in the bronx, student Samia Kallidis designed a personalized art kit that includes a coloring book and art supplies currently needed at the shelter."

“Being a leftist is a calling, not a career; it’s a vocation, not a profession. It means you are concerned about structural violence, you are concerned about exploitation at the work place, you are concerned about institutionalized contempt against gay brothers and lesbian sisters, hatred against peoples of color, and the subordination of women. It means that you are willing to fight against, and to try to understand the sources of social misery at the structural and institutional levels, as well as at the existential and personal levels. That’s what it means to be a leftist; that’s why we choose to be certain kinds of human beings.” - Cornel West

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