Amy Ray stopped by my local public radio station! Love love love "I Didn't."

What Everyone Needs To Know About The Smear Campaign Against Trayvon Martin (1995-2012)

Image: Happy Birthday week to Cesar Chavez!

Wow. Anti-Gay Marriage Group Recommends Creating Tension Between Gays and Blacks: "An internal memo from one of the country’s leading anti-gay marriage organizations [Nat'l Organization for Marriage] outlines a plan to defeat same-sex marriage and create division among Democrats by creating tension between gays and blacks over the issue....'The strategic goal of the project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks — two key Democratic constituencies,' reads a portion of the memo, describing an initiative called the 'Not a Civil Right Project.'"

"It is possible to become discouraged about the injustice we see everywhere. But God did not promise us that the world would be humane and just. He gives us the gift of life and allows us to choose the way we will use our limited time on earth. It is an awesome opportunity." - Cesar Chavez

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