"If we appear to seek the unattainable . . . we do so to avoid the unimaginable."

An Invitation to Create by Bill Ayers

Really interesting article about one man's experience with schizophrenia, and the way it is treated & understood, "Finding Purpose After Living With Delusion."

Image: from fuckyeahlisasimpson, of course.
An interview with Ashley Stinson about her images from Women’s Western Kentucky Correctional Facility in Fredonia, Kentucky.

"Good Fitspo Is Hard To Find" - SO true! I've unsubscribed to so many blogs/tumblrs/pins because of thinspo masquerading as fitspo (or just really boring shots of someone's every meal). (And yay for a CrossFit Babes shout out!) Here's my largely CrossFit themed "fitspo" (blech) board, if anyone's interested.

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