Wow. 101 Spectacular Nonfiction Stories: "Conor Friedersdorf's annual collection of the very best that journalism has to offer."

Smithsonian: Where Agatha Christie Dreamed Up Murder: "The birthplace of Poirot and Marple welcomes visitors looking for clues to the best-selling novelist of all time."

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Loved this article from the great blog Fit & Feminist (best tag line ever: "Because it takes strong women to smash the patriarchy.") , I am envious of women who “bulk up” easily. I admit that I still have moments of adjustment to no longer working towards being as small, as invisible as possible, and instead aim to be fit and strong, even if that means my thighs are, gasp, bigger. And from xoJane (I'm not a huge fan, generally...): Competitive Powerlifter Secrets: What The Diet Industry Doesn't Want You To Know Abou Weights. I’m wary (to put it lightly) of anything that’s just focused on weight loss (as opposed to general health, flexibility, strength, etc) but I appreciate popping that myth of “scary big” female body builders, etc.

Chrissie Wellington: I have got nothing to prove to anyone anymore. "Triathlete charts her troubled journey from the despair of eating disorders to becoming the unbeaten ironman world record holder." Chrissie is a hero of mine, not only hard working and incredibly gifted, but always has a smile on her face. And now she bravely comes out as an eating disorder survivor - thank you, Chrissie! "Sport has given me a different perception and respect for my body. I cannot judge its success by whether I can fit into a pair of skinny jeans. I look at other women and, yes, they're beautiful with stereotypically wonderful figures but I can think, 'Yeah, but you haven't won what I've won.' I might not be perfect but I can love my body now."

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Caitlin said...

Thanks for the kind words about my blog! Plus I'm going to be following your stuff now, seeing as though your interests include cool things like radical social justice, feminism, books and CrossFit! :)