'Wired To Run': Runner's High May Have Been Evolutionary Advantage

 Uh, what? Some fat posi talk from Cosmo? (Australian Cosmo, but still). “Aren't You Worried About Your Health?"

NPR: Jolie Holland: Tiny Desk Concert

New development in OR: Mexican IDs in Oregon: "Governor John Kitzhaber announced on May 1 that Oregon law enforcement will begin accepting IDs issued by the Mexican government during traffic stops and other situations where ID is required."

Image: Congrats Laura Jane, and thank you for your bravery: Tom Gabel of Against Me! Comes Out as Transgender

“Because anti-trans discrimination is steeped in traditional sexism, it is not simply enough for trans activists to challenge binary gender norms (i.e. oppositional sexism) - we must also challenge the idea that femininity is inferior to masculinity and that femaleness is inferior to maleness. In other words, by necessity, trans activism must be at its core a feminist movement.” - Julia Serano | Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity (2007)

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I absolutely adore that Aussie Cosmo article!