Love this! Tired of Mowing Your Lawn? Try Foodscaping It Instead: "Interest in food gardening increased during the economic downturn and has stayed pretty steady. Now some people are even turning to landscaping professionals to swap their lawns for something green and edible."

Income inequality, as seen from space

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NPR's Summer Books 2012 page is up!

From NY Magazine: S/He: "Parents of transgender children are faced with a difficult decision, and it’s one they have to make sooner than they ever imagined."

Slathering on Sunscreen, Early and Often: "This is a plea to all children and teenagers, their parents and teachers, and the doctors who treat them: Please take sun exposure more seriously." Someone close to me is currently battling skin cancer. I admit that prior to her diagnosis, I was one of the many people who didn't take skin cancer as seriously as I should've. I have fairly tan skin and rarely get burned so I didn't think I was at risk. And I thought that if I did get some irregular mark, I would, I don't know, just have it removed? Folks, the reality of skin cancer, melanoma especially, is much more serious. It can mean multiple, invasive, inpatient surgeries that can take weeks or months to fully recovery from (and cost thousands of dollars). It can mean daily visits to the hospital to get biological treatment, during which time you may be too tired to work or care for your kids. Please wear SPF, keep an eye on your skin, and take any chances or concerns seriously.

"In November of 1958, John Steinbeck — the renowned author of, most notably, The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, and Of Mice and Men — received a letter from his eldest son, Thom, who was attending boarding school. In it, the teenager spoke of Susan, a young girl with whom he believed he had fallen in love. Steinbeck replied the same day."

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