A wonderful friend of mine is raising money & awareness in response to the devastation in West Africa: "Today is the Sahel Day of Action and we are trying to raise awareness about the food crisis in this region of West Africa as we watch injustice play out silently on a grand scale. Over 18 million people in the Sahel, which includes Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, and Senegal, are facing choices we will never have to make. Do they plant seeds for the next harvest, or eat them for dinner? Do they sell essential farming tools to pay for food, or do they go hungry? Oxfam is on the ground in some of the worst-affected areas--supplying seeds and tools, rehabilitating wells and helping farmers and herders provide food and veterinary care to their livestock. You can help! This can take many forms -- a tweet, a Facebook post, a donation, or a conversation with your neighbor, co-worker, or mail carrier."

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I'm into public transportation, I'm into books & public acts of reading, I'm into this: "The Underground New York Public Library is a visual library featuring the Reading-Riders of the NYC subways."

How Psychiatry Mistreats People of Color: "There’s a deep mistrust between communities of color and the mental health field."

Gay Marriage’s Jewish Pioneer: The activist called Faygele ben Miriam started Washington state’s battle over marriage more than 40 years ago.

Wonderful. "Now I think about you and me and our troubles . . . and I see that in the larger scale of things, our own personal difficulties and hurts do not matter, not in and of themselves. They matter only to the degree that they help us connect with others. " (full text here, in response to the second letter writer)

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