A friend introduced me to Jane Hirschfield a few weeks ago and it was just what I needed. I was feeling somewhat unmoored - new job, new city, new routine - and then I read these poems and was immediately and powerful thrown back into myself (for better or worse). Some new favorites by Hirshfield: A Hand, This Was Once A Love Poem.

Wevther: Weather forecast with relevant sartorial suggestions, I like it.

Image: source.

Exactly what it sounds like: The Scribble Project.

Listening to: The Lumineers "Stubborn Love" (a live recording from Oregon...sigh).

And speaking of the best state in the U.S.... Portland Street Food: 10 Carts We Really Love

The always awesome Stephen Thompson (of the vital-to-me Pop Culture Happy Hour) gives advice on mixtapes.

From the New Yorker: Love On The March: Reflections on the gay community’s political progress—and its future. Hardly a comprehensive history, but a moving and powerful personal remembrance.

"This could be our revolution: / to love what is plentiful / as much as / what’s scarce." - Alice Walker, "We Alone"


Anne said...

You're back! I missed you. I hope your move went well and that you are content in your life.

Anne said...

You're back! I missed you. I hope that you are content and that all is well in your life.