What a life: Lawrence Guyot, Civil Rights Activist Who Bore the Fight’s Scars, Dies at 73

Dorothy Day Takes Another Step Toward Sainthood. One of my favorite prayers is the one Dorothy Day used to say every day before heading to distribute food to those in need, something along the lines of (I can't seem to find the actual prayer): "God, I know you will be in that line today, please don't let me miss you." (Said more eloquently, I'm sure).

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So much good stuff to read in the Believer online archives, check it out.

From ZenHabits: Untrack: Letting Go of the Stress of Measuring.

Oh boy am I a measurer... Susan Sontag’s List of Beliefs at Age 14 vs. Age 24

Listening to: the Singles soundtrack. So f-ing solid! Westerberg, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam ("State of Love and Trust," one of my all time favs) , Chris Cornell....90's forever.

Sounds like a great new program in NY: Plan Would Provide Help to Contest Deportation Cases: "60 percent of detained immigrants in the New York region did not have counsel at the time their cases were completed. In addition, 18 percent of detained immigrants with representation had successful outcomes in their cases, compared with 3 percent of detained immigrants without counsel. Unlike in criminal proceedings, defendants in immigration court have no constitutional right to a court-appointed lawyer. Ignorance, fear, language barriers and poverty also can keep legal counsel out of the reach of immigrants."

"What we would like to do is change the world--make it a little simpler for people to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves as God intended them to do. And, by fighting for better conditions, by crying out unceasingly for the rights of the workers, the poor, of the destitute--the rights of the worthy and the unworthy poor, in other words--we can, to a certain extent, change the world; we can work for the oasis, the little cell of joy and peace in a harried world. We can throw our pebble in the pond and be confident that its ever widening circle will reach around the world. We repeat, there is nothing we can do but love, and, dear God, please enlarge our hearts to love each other, to love our neighbor, to love our enemy as our friend." - Dorothy Day

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