From Seinberg Holistic Health Coaching: "What if it wasn’t a problem?" I've used a version of this ("What if everything is already perfect?") myself over the last few years and have been amazed how it can just snap me out of certain moments, give me a little space in between fears and anxieties to be present.

Let the Fire Burn sounds like an incredible documentary. I knew nothing about this piece of American history in Philadelphia. (One of my best friends lives in Philly and I visited her there a few months ago and have been really interested in the city ever since.)

Image: source. Swoon.

Are We Fabulous Yet? "The tyranny of queer beauty."

Incredible article: Lampedusa's Migrant Tragedy, And Ours

Ugh. Is This the Grossest Advertising Strategy of All Time? "A new study claims to identify the times of the week that women are feeling the most insecure about their bodies, and recommends that brands 'concentrate media during prime vulnerability moments.'"

I recently finished watching Season 1 of the BBC series "Broadchurch," a mystery about the death of a boy in small town England. It was wonderful. Just great acting, great charecture development, kept me guessing. Definitely grey (sort of like "The Killing") but pleasantly not gory or too exploitative, in the way that so many current TV mysteries can be. Just sad and smart and effecting. Definitely recommended.

Fit & Feminist does it again. Great thoughts and tips and reflections: Five Thoughts On Body Confidence On My 34th Birthday

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