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Even though I realize most of it is restrictive in it's price, I'm loving all the coverage of custom clothing for gender non-conforming folks. Keep it coming! PBS: ‘The right to be handsome’: Clothing for gender non-conforming people on the rise

I've really been digging the work of a few female Swedish mystery authors, namely Anna Jansson and Mari Jungstedt. They both write about mysteries taking place on the Swedish island of Gotland, which has now become a dream vacation destination for me (after never really having an interest in visiting Sweden). I guess its weird that murder mysteries would make me want to visit a place, but they both do a great job of giving me a sense of this small island, its relationship with tourism and the "mainland" and I'm totally curious now! (Slight warning: "Dark Angel" by Jungstedt was a let down, so don't bother with that one).

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My honey and I recently went to Maine for a few days, to visit Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Aside from the beautiful drive up and wonderful Acadia, I think the highlight might've actually been the B&B where we stayed, the Acacia House. Clean, cozy, great location, excellent hosts, and delicious food (I had blueberry pancakes all three mornings! They were incredible.) As introverts, we always worry about privacy and feeling obligated to socialize at B&Bs, but this place was perfect - the hosts were friendly but unobtrusive, and it was a comfortable, clean, welcoming stay. Recommended if you're in the area!

Rolling Stone article on the incredible CeCe McDonald: The Transgender Crucible: "As a homeless trans teen, CeCe McDonald suffered a lifetime of hardships. But when she was charged with murder for simply defending herself, she became a folk hero." Definitely worth a read.

So, obviously I haven't been posting much, and I'm not even sure why I'm posting now. I guess I've gotten used to sharing links on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Also, the demise of Google Reader affected my blogging, as did the switch to a much more stressful and busy job a few years ago. Either way, it's nice to be posting again today, however, and maybe it will mark a return. Thanks to all of you who continue to read and follow and post your own tidbits of awesomeness.


char said...

for what it's worth I LOVE your blog and am always so excited when you post! it's been one of my favourites for years and when I get sad or feel funky I trawl through your archives to find something to cheer me up and it always works. x

Valerie said...

Good to see you blogging again! Hope you are doing well.

Anne said...

Could you share your twitter handle? I'd love to follow you on there, if you don't mind.

Amanda J said...

I'd love to follow you on other social media channels, if any of them are public/you are comfortable. I always look forward to your posts!