Had a great meal at Craigie on Main last night - service was great, decor was warm, the burger was juicy and delicious (and actually arrived medium, like I wanted!) and it was all topped off with the best beer I've had in a long time, the Jack D'or from Cambridge's own Pretty Things Brewery.

These earrings are ridiculously beautiful - and way outta my budget.

Left: my beloved Ramona from the Jezebel article Can The Right Books Make Feminist Kids?

I posted on Facebook recently about my love of books and my dislike for the Kindle, and it started quite the discussion! My passion was largely emotional - a love of the tangible page, a belief in the importance of the bookstore as a space for art and conversation - but friends brought up other great points about the role of eReaders in the homogenization of the literary world and the way that "e text books" take away the potential for affordable used books. It's a discussion I'm sure will continue for a long time...

On that note, this weekend Dean reviewed the third novel in Steig Larsson's trilogy. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book (although that seems weird to say about such a violent and dark book) and am looking forward to reading the second over my upcoming long weekend family vacation. (h/t Alaska Employment Law Blog, ie my dad's blog).

The fashionable NK and I are putting together a few "gift guides" for the season, so stay tuned if you still need holiday present ideas! First up: recession appropriate presents under $50.

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