Really loving the jewelry from Emma Carroll, especially these beautiful blue earrings, these charm bracelets, these white feather earrings, these star brooches, and this blue disk necklace. Really unique and awesome stuff, and a great website!

Image: my beloved Chet.

Getting a tote bag with Walter Benjamin on it may be the lamest, most liberal arts college-y thing I could do but...why deny my roots?

Self-Defense and the Kansas Abortion Case: "There has been lots of media attention to the Kansas abortion case, in which defendant Scott Roeder plans to tell a jury that his slaying of Wichita doctor George Tiller was voluntary manslaughter . . . The defendant plans to argue that what would otherwise seem to be cold-blooded, first degree murder was in fact voluntary manslaughter because it was necessary to save unborn children."

NPR: Federal Prisoners Kept Beyond Their Sentences: "If deemed "sexually dangerous," federal prisoners can be kept behind bars indefinitely. This practice, which has been called unconstitutional, is being considered Tuesday by the U.S. Supreme Court."

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