Check out this profile of Chief Magistrate Judge Justo Arenas, retiring this year after 35 years of federal service. I had the honor of getting to know him when I interned with the Federal Defenders Office in Puerto Rico. He's a great guy - funny, smart, and genuinely committed to being a great judge. Congrats on 35 years and enjoy retirement, Judge Arenas!

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Currently reading (and enjoying) Eileen Myles' "Cool for You."

And Bob Dylan, always breaking my heart: Tomorrow Is A Long Time.

This weekends return to running has me feeling positively about my physical health (and goals) again. Today I went to bootcamp which, no matter how long I've been going or how much I'm working out, always kicks my ass! I'm hoping to get in some laps before teaching citizenship class tonight, but we will see. I have a big case on my plate right now and really hope to dig into it before holiday break comes along.

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