Warning: this post totally boring for anyone not obsessed with running shoes

I got a new pair of running shoes yesterday (I was under the assumption that running is a low-cost undertaking, but once you start adding up all the race entry fees, the shoes and clothes, it gets pricey! But still so worth it). My first go, with the help of the awesome Rogue Valley Runners store, I got the Mizuno Waverunner. I loved that they were pretty bare bones (I hate feeling like I'm running with a bunch of styrofoam surrounding my foot), and they fit my short, bear-like feet incredibly well. However, after about 200 miles in them, and my recent knee issues, I realized they might be a little too bare bones for all my road running. I've gone back into RVRunners a few times, and they have watched me run barefoot on the treadmill (you can watch a close up of your own feet running on a tv screen - very cool to see all my muscles working up close!). They said my gait is pretty neutral - I supinate (roll out) a little bit at the start, but always end centered, which is what matters (apparently). This time, taking into account my previous shoes and current concerns, they suggested two shoes: the Saucony Kihvara and the Nike Lunarfly. I ended up going with the Lunarfly because it felt like it provided a little more cushioning and support than the Kihvara, while still being super light. However, on my first longish run in them this morning (8.2 miles, baby), I was a little bummed. I was definitely pleased by how light and yet cushiony they were - that was awesome. But something about the fit of the shoe made me feel like they were made for longer and more shapely feet, not my short, sort of square like feet. I felt like I had a little too much room in the toe area, and overall they didn't have the close fit I liked in my Mizunos. Eventually, I'd love to get the Kihvaras and rotate the three - that will be $240 worth of running shoes I've bought in the last 6 months! Yikes!

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Today marks 3 months since I started running! The stats: Longest distance run = 10.5 miles. Races: 5K, 10K, 9mi. Total mileage run: 297.4 miles. Next race: January's half-marathon.

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