Colorado Welcomes First Latina, Lesbian Supreme Court Justice: "On Friday Colorado appointed its first Latina and first openly gay member to the Supreme Court. The Denver Post reported on Colorado Deputy Attorney General Monica Marquez's path to the state's highest court, noting that the 41-year-old Marquez was said by Gov. Bill Ritter to have "deep respect for the rule of law." Law seems to be a family tradition in Marquez's family. Her father, retired Judge Jose D.L. Marquez was the first Latino appointed to the Colorado Court of Appeals back in 1988, and was on hand to swear in his daughter."

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In support of International Human Rights Day, UN Secretary General: “People were not put on this planet to live in fear of their fellow human beings.”

I want to read these all! NPR's Maureen Corrigan's top mysteries of 2010. (Unfortunately, after reading and really enjoying "In The Woods," I tried Tara French's follow-up and couldn't get into it. I'll still give "Faithful Place," which Corrigan lists, a try, though....)

Today was my first day as a volunteer mediator in landlord-tenant cases here. It was good training for me not only in landlord-tenant law, but also in getting more comfortable with being in court, and with dealing with conflict (something with which I'm notoriously uncomfortable).

"what I count on / is a white birch / that stands / where no human language / is ever heard." - Yosano Akiko

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